Driveshafts Australia most commonly asked Universial Joint questions.

Q. How often should you grease universal joints?
A. Approximately 3000 – 4000 km, more often in extreme heat, water or road train heavy loading.

Q. What is the best grease to use?
A. It is recommended by universal joints manufacturers that you use an extreme pressure grease for best results (any brand).

Q. Should you pump grease past cup seals?
A. Yes, most modern universal joints have seals that will open out to permit old grease to purge through and close back when you stop pumping.

Q. Should grease come out of all four cups?
A. Yes. If it does not then you should take appropriate action i.e. push shaft away from side not greasing until grease comes through.

Q. Will driveline vibrations cause any problems?
A. Yes. driveline vibrations are usually the cause for differential and gearbox seals to leak, gearbox bolts attached to the engine to come loose, cross members cracking and mirrors that give blurred vision.

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