Truck driveshaft specialists

Driveshafts Australia specialise in repair and balance of truck driveshafts. Through decades of working with many of Australia’s largest transport and logistics companies, we have a thorough understanding of the importance of high productivity in the industry, which is why many of our driveshafts are pre-assembled to reduce vehicle downtime.

Driveshafts for American Trucks

  • Certified driveshaft modifier under the
  • Department of Transport certification VSB6
  • Licenced to operate a vehicle repairers business under certificate number MRB1098
  • Dana driveshaft repairer
  • Angle analysis and correction in
  • Removal and fitting of driveshafts available.

European Trucks

Driveshafts Australia stock and use the best European driveshafts.  We repair, balance and modify trucking drive shafts.

Having experts repair, modify and balance truck driveshafts is pivotal in having reliable results every time. Driveshafts are a crucial connecting element of the vehicle and should be worked on by people with specific knowledge of the part, especially if your vehicle is for commercial use.

For more information about our truck driveshafts or driveshaft repairs, please get in contact with our team. Based in WA, we service the whole of Australia. We also supply, repair and balance mining driveshafts on industrial underground equipment.

Truck Driveshafts


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