Only the best marine carbon composite driveshafts.

Composite Shafting in filament wound carbon or glass fiber structure is available in a torque range from 5 to 800 kNm, diameter range from 170 to 810 mm in various length configurations. Depending on the speed rsp.

Driveshafts Australia is committed to providing high-quality marine driveshafts that stand the test of time. We also supply universal joints to allow for discrepancies in the distance and alignment between the driving and driven components of your vessel.

Marine Driveshafts

Critical speed, long spans between bearing support can be bridged. The CS-System can be supplied in high torsional (T) or high stiffness (B) layout of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics).

The CS-System can be supplied to meet all requested international classification requirements. The wide range of available CS-sizes allows for effective handling of driveline requirements in a wide range of applications. However, with respect to special customer specifications adapted designs can be achieved.

To get a quote on a marine composite shaft, please complete Marine Application Composite Shaft Data Sheet. This data sheet allows the details of your marine shaft to be filled out and emailed to Driveshafts Australia.

Contact us to find out more about our carbon composite marine driveshafts. We also manufacture, repair and supply mining driveshafts and truck driveshafts.

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