Trusted by the Mining industry

Our team supports some of the larger companies in the mining industry both in WA and other parts of Australia, providing reliable industrial and mining driveshafts for underground machinery. Driveshafts Australia has high-quality driveshafts and expert driveshaft repairs that ensure companies experience minimum downtime and have highly effective machinery.

Driveshafts Australia can help with the following Mining & Industrial driveshafts:

  • Cardan Shaft repair for Cardan shafts from 350 up to 15000 KNm
  • DSA services cardan shaft, torsional vibration couplings
  • DSA services the high elastic, rigid and flexible coupling range
  • Rigid and flexible couplers
  • DSA construct heavy industrial shafts, from 350 nm to 15000 KNm of torque.
  • DIN and SAE flange fittings available.
  • PTO driveshafts from 15 kw to 80 kw light industrial PTO shafts suitable for hydraulic or mechanical applications.
  • End yoke fittings manufactured in house to your requirements

For more information on our mining and industrial driveshafts:

Driveshafts Australia Mining Catalogue

Driveshafts Australia Volvo Off Highway

We also provide truck driveshafts for fleets both large and small.

We are proud to work with the following brands